Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Gordon is a Moron

In today's news, we look back on a month where the UK opinion polls went sour for Tory leader, David Cameron.

Jilted Dave

I'd been doing well in the polls,
and the public loved me
But last month they said to me,
in papers and on telly

(This is what they said)

They said, "listen Dave, you're a nice guy
But really just a lightweight
I don't want to vote for you,
the other bloke's a heavyweight"

"Who's this bloke," I asked them
"Goooooordon," they replied
"Not THAT control-freak," I said
"He's no stalinist," they cried

("He's more of a PM than you'll ever be!")

Here we go, two three four (percent behind)

I was so upset that I cried,
all the way to Rwanda
When I got back there was Gordon,
with his propaganda

(And guess who was with him? Yeah, the British Press, and they were all laughing at me)

Oh, they are cruel and heartless
to pack me for Gordon
Just cos he's dour and serious
Just cos he's not trendy

But I know he's a moron, Gordon is a moron
Gordon Brown's a moron, Gordon is a moron

[with apologies to Graham Fellows/Jilted John]

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