Monday, 8 June 2009

1934 Euro Election Results

Europe, yesterday

As results come in for elections to the European League of Nations parliament, it's clear that the left has taken a battering at the hands of the right-wing parties.

Among far-right parties to do well were Benito Mussolini's Blackshirt National Party (BNP), Adolf Hitler's United Kraut Independence Party (UKIP) and Oswald Mosley's UK National Independence Party.

In Russian, Joseph Stalin managed to hold the Communist Party's share of seats but failed to improve on its previous share of the vote (99.9%); however, despite the world-wide recession, socialist parties have done badly whether in opposition or government.

In particular, Britain's beleaguered Scottish prime minster, Ramsay McDonald, is seen as a lame duck. Struggling to respond to the economic slump with increasingly incoherent policies, his defeat at the hands of Stanley Baldwin's conservatives in the forthcoming UK general election is seen as a certainty.

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