Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Fairy Tale of New York Stock Exchange

We are rogues
We are witty
Bright sparks of the City,
When the banks finish paying
They pay us some more.

On futures we’re betting,
But it’s losses we’re getting.
With fraud we can hide ‘em
Then hoodwink them all.

The boys of the New York Stock Exchange
Want the markets propping up
And the central banker’s response
Is an interest rate cut.

By “The Rogues”
Jerome Kerviel on accordion, Nick Leeson on tin whistle, John Rusnak on mandolin.

“The Rogues” take their name from the Investment Bankers’ motto róg mo thóin meaning “kiss my arse”. Their latest album “Rogue Traders” is causing a big buzz in the market.

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