Tuesday, 26 February 2008

UK Government Caves In Over Identity Cards

In a major Government climbdown, Gordon Brown has agreed that ID cards will not be made compulsory.

From 2010, the Government will begin issuing Identity Cards; anyone who does not wish to be entered on the National Identity Register can simply apply to have their details placed on the ID Card Opt-Out List.

Participants in the opt-out scheme will be issued with a special card containing their personal and biometric details, when asked by Police to produce their ID card they can simply show the opt-out card which Police can then verify against the centrally administered Opt-Out database.

The Government has issued a National Identity guarantee regarding personal data, where they pledge not to allow people's ID card details to be downloaded onto laptops or CDs and subsequently lost. Of course, journalists, organised criminals and foreign governments will still be able to access the data by simply bribing or blackmailing civil servants in accordance with time-honoured Civil Service practice.

Anyone choosing not to participate in either the ID Card or the Opt-Out card systems can join the National Forehead Barcode scheme.

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