Wednesday, 5 March 2008

US Primaries: Texas & Ohio Results Full Analysis

Now confirmed as Republican candidate
With the nomination now in the bag, the big question for right-wingers is where McBain stands on the servative issue: is he pro or con?

Borat O'Bama Borat O'Bama
Still front runner for the Democrats
The Kazakh-Irish senator has failed to maintain momentum in the crucial sunny-side-up breakfast demographic and lost out big in Ohio where over-easy voters swung away from him.

Celery Hinton Celery Hinton
The come-back queen is still in the race
The once favorite, now back from the dead, senator has had a roller-coaster ride in the primaries. Voters in the A-M surname bracket stayed with her in Texas, can she attract more of the N-Zs in the remaining contests?

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