Monday, 18 December 2006

Top Books to buy for Chrsitmas 2006

China: the Kraken Awakes (Hank Hankski and Suzie Wang)
Now that China is building enormous space cities on the Moon, and all the world's manufacturing is done in China, the authors look back to how it all began in 1980 with the introduction of fire and stone tools, as the Communist regime slowly allowed Westen technology to filter in.

Why Don't Penguins' Feet Freeze? (Newt Psientist)
A fascinating review of the many different ways to eat penguin and how to store their hacked up carcasses. With fish stocks running out around the globe, attention is turning to the as yet untapped source of protein in the vast penguin flocks of Antarctica.

Dangerous Book for Boys (Alfred Noble)
A hollow, hardback book filled with gelignite and edged with razors, this is indeed a very dangerous book for boys.

Flanimal Lector (Ricky Gervais)
In the latest outing for flanimals, a serial killer is on the loose and the FBI must enlist the help of the flanimals in order to track him down.

The God Delusion (Dichard Rawkins)
In his angry, no-holds-barred, review of secular atheism versus organised religion and the sheer lunancy of the modern world, Rawkins firmly concludes that God had a bang on the head and imagined the whole thing.

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