Friday, 15 December 2006

when constabulary duty's to be done

When the Saudi royal family buys some arms
(Buys some arms)
Of corruption there is often allegation,
One expects a little money to grease palms
(To grease palms)
But foremost there comes the interests of the nation.
(Of the nation)

Our enquiries we with difficulty smother
('Culty smother)
With them wanting us to stop what we've begun.
(We've begun)
Taking one consideration with another,
(With another)
A policeman's job is not seen to be done.

Not wanting our commercial deals undone,
A policeman's job is not seen to be done,
(to be done)

With electioneering costing more and more,
(More and more)
And when lordships and the honours can be sold,
(Can be sold)
After all that's what they were invented for,
('Vented for)
By Lloyd George and the Prime Ministers of old.
('Sters of old)

When the PM's finished talking to the Police,
(To the Police)
With politicians counting each and every vote,
(Every vote)
Investigating slowly piece by piece,
(Piece by piece)
A policeman's job is not to rock the boat.

When the PM must be 'purer than the pure', quote unquote,
A policeman's job is not to rock the boat,
(rock the boat)

{with apologies to Gilbert & Sullivan}

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